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Fishing around Bornholm is a matchless experience. Beside Salmon, Sea trout, Eel and Flatfish it is mainly the codfish, who is attracting fisherman´s on Bornholm. The water around Bornholm counts since years as an "secret tip" under the fisherman's for cod. Already after a few hundred meters from the coast, you will reach deeps around 30m. And that means: no long turs to the fishing grounds, where the fish is bustling around. Due to the small amount of trawl net fishing, there are a huge amount big cods, cached by the angler during the whole year season.

For Cod fishing the rod should be light and shouldn't be too long, as no long throws are necessary. Normally it is a rod in class 200gr will be enough. The Lure (metal fish) should be as light as possible but as heavy as needed for giving it the necessary live to provoke the cod to bite. One should have lures in weights between 90 and 200gr. As beneath lure, red rubber prawns were always a "guarantor" for success. The Captain of Fortuna is sailing since many years around Bornholm for fishing, and by that a huge experience about the fishing grounds. Assisted by GPS and echo sounder, he finds easily some of the best hot-spots. You should book you next fishing holiday on Bornholm. A great fishing experience is waiting for you.

4 hours fishingtour per Person 300 Kr
6 hours fishingtour per Person 450 Kr
8 hours fishingtour per Person 600 Kr
longer trips on requeste

Rental rods per person per tour

50 Kr
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