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Trolling after Salmon and Seatrout is rightly called supreme discipline under fishermen at seaside. There only a few spots in the whole Baltic sea as good as the spots around Bornholm for it. From December to May is always the chance to get some fish with a weight of two digits. In exactly that period are fishermen's able to Join a hunt after the Kings of the Baltic sea. The experienced crew of MS Fortuna will assist you and is always giving good advices during the trips. The top equipped Vessel has a heated common room underneath the deck which is equipped with TV and sound system. Here you can especially in the cold period heat up again and await the time to the next strike. The average size for seatrout is 3-6 kg and for Salmon 8-12kg, but there swimming Salmons with way above 20 kg around Bornholm.

Due to the construction and the size of our Vessel FORTUNA are there only very few days where we can't sail. Even with bit stronger wind you will safely reach the hotspots. We are fishing with two downriggers and up to 12 rods, which are as rental included in the trips price (only lost or damaged parts will be invoiced separately). You can reserve a trip as a single person or as full charter. With single booking, we will take between 4 and 6 persons with. With full charter, you can Join the trip with up to 18 persons.

Experience with Trolling is not necessary. The Crew will mount the lures and position them right for you. On that way, you can await relaxed the Fight with the King of the Baltic sea. Experience fisherman are naturally able to place the equipment them self's.

The Crew of MS Fortuna is looking forward to meet you on board.

8 hours 1.200 dkk

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